What Has Happened to our Food?

Many people today eat an increasing amount of fast foods, take away foods, processed foods and other foods low in nutritional value… it’s all about what’s most convenient, quick and easy to whip up for your family or yourself.

processed food

Health problems often stem from sugary fast food drinks, convenient drive-through food outlets, supermarkets crammed with boxed, packaged, processed high-fat, low-fat, high-sugar, low-sugar food products. The problem with these foods is that most of the goodness has been taken out and replaced by high doses of salt, sugar, long-life preservatives, anti-moulding agents, content high in flavourings, gums, emulsifiers and food acids.

There are also extracts of lower grade imported foodstuffs. So called energy drinks are simply loaded with extra sugar. Good fats are removed and replaced by manufactured substances that we believe are causing a range of health issues. All these processed products have replaced good wholesome, natural foods that many of us have grown up on.

Statistics have shown that our western nations are getting fatter. Gut health issues and bowel cancer are commonplace.  Our hospitals are overflowing with people suffering issues stemming from obesity, diabetes and high blood pressure.  And doctors are prescribing pills for a myriad of medical conditions caused simply by a poor diet.

Adding Raw Foods to your diet

Many foods in the past have been over cooked. Eg the over-boiling of vegetables can remove most of the nutrients and all the goodness, taste and nutrients often go down the plug hole. There are certain vegetables that we don’t eat raw, but when steamed lightly, taste and nutrition is retained, and it tastes delicious. These foods include broccoli, cauliflower, etc.  but there is no nutritional benefit to our bodies in food that has been over-cooked.

We need to get back to basics. We need to emphasise the foods that are natural to our human species. 

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Raw Foods