raw vegan diet

A Raw Food Diet

Many people today eat an increasing quantity of fast foods, take-away foods, processed foods and sugar-rich foods.

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mediterranean diet

Health Benefits of Raw Foods

It’s not what you eat but what you don’t eat that has the most impact health and fitness

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Raw Foods v Cooked Foods

Advocates claim that raw foods are more nutritious than cooked foods because enzymes, along with some nutrients, are destroyed in the cooking process.

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Cooking and Over-Cooking

Western society now has food that is over-processed and the beneficial effects of the food disappear.

Apart from this, many natural foods in the recent past have been over-cooked. There is no nutritional benefit to our body in food that has been over-cooked.

Eg the over-boiling of vegetables can remove most of the nutrients and all the goodness, taste and nutrients often go down the plug hole.


However, the nutrients may be retained if the vegetables are just lightly boiled.  There are certain vegetables that we don’t eat raw, but when steamed lightly, flavour and nutrition are retained and it tastes delicious. These foods might include broccoli, cauliflower, etc.best veggies to eat raw

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